Creepy weird….

Photo by David Eun

Photo by David Eun, crash survivor.

Last November, my husband Larry & I took Asiana flight 214 from Shanghai (where today’s flight originated) through Seoul to San Francisco — the same flight that crashed today at SFO. Our flight was supposed to be on the 777-200ER V2 (with lie-flat Quadra Smartium seats in business class, that I had fanatically researched since this was to be my one and only business class upgrade…. not paid for by Heifer, of course). Unfortunately, at the last minute in Seoul, Asiana switched planes (to the 777-20oER-V1, which was the same piece of crap old plane we’d flown in on from Shanghai). The seats didn’t recline, they just kind of tilted. The video was totally broken. And my audio didn’t work at all.

Okay, I know I’m sounding like a spoiled brat. But on a 14-hour flight, that stuff matters. And so does the fact that the plane was in such bad shape, half the systems didn’t seem to work. God only knows what shape the safety systems were in.

I’m so terribly sorry for the people who went through this horrible crash today. Praying for full recovery for all in the hospital – and for those two who lost their lives. Asiana’s got a lot to answer for.

8 thoughts on “Creepy weird….

  1. Almost all plane crashes seem to be due either to pilot error or a mechanical failure that was caused by someone not doing their job. It’s amazing how paranoid we are about food packaging and fear of dehydration on the soccer field, and yet we get on airplanes that may be riddled with problems. This latest one was tragic, but could have been much worse.

  2. Yes, they do. I try to notice little things as well–knowing that often little issues and how things are cared for give insights into what shape things are beneath the surface. I hope the airlines make significant changes so that the chances of a similar incident are greatly reduced.

    I hope you have a super weekend Betty.

  3. Yes, it seemed so kind of normal to see the people walking away from the plane (not even running) — and then to think that the two young Chinese girls coming here to study were killed. So sad …. but it appears that the disaster was just a pilot error. Unbelievable how air travel has become so incredibly safe–with no crashes in the USA in 11 years, this doesn’t happen more often. I’m hoping all the injuries aren’t too bad — and feeling like such a jerk for being upset that my upgrade experience was a bust! Lessons, lessons….

    • It is amazing more people didn’t die! Life is full of unanswered questions. I love how honest you are about your emotions because I too have been where I decided to pay extra and the airline had an issue where first class service wasn’t there. At the moment a person is in that negative place, that is what is consuming your thoughts. If, at the moment you learned about your upgrade not being what you expected, a tragedy happened in front of you, your mind would be right back thinking about others. I am trying at 60 to stop beating myself up for my imperfections!! BUT it is so comforting to know someone else has selfish moments!! Ha!!!

      • Deb, I really WAS such a brat about that, but then again, I’d spent so many hours in the way, cramped back that when it came time for me to get a great seat, I really REALLY wanted a great seat. Although, as you so eloquently put it, when you put these miniscule disappointments in perspective with what it happening to so many people suffering around the world, it should help one to refrain from staying in that pouty state! At least I hope I’m learning a few things about that!! Thanks for the comment!!

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