It’s Enough to Make You Want to Grab A Gun

In light of today’s tragic – and all too familiar — shooting at the Navy Yard, I wanted to share this blog from the ever-insightful (and usually hilarious) author of “Life in the Boomer Lane.” She wrote this post yesterday.

Life in the Boomer Lane

A wise man (who is currently Then Husband) told Life in the Boomer Lane many years ago that history is determined by economics. Shortly thereafter, on a slow day, LBL reviewed the events of the last 50,000 years, and she couldn’t argue with him. The point is that ultimately, someone benefits economically by making decisions that result in war, plague, pestilence, famine, religious zealotry, drug and alcohol dependence, human slavery, environmental mayhem, and our current Congress.

Whether you believe guns are the spawn of the devil or whether you believe they are some kind of God given right and that each person should have a gun issued with his birth certificate, the fact is that the gun industry itself is big business. In fact, it’s a much bigger business than most people realize, resulting in $32 billion dollars of revenue every year (which interesting enough, is about the same amount…

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13 thoughts on “It’s Enough to Make You Want to Grab A Gun

  1. I have always hated guns. My ex-husband held my friends at gunpoint until I got back to my apartment then held me for 6 hours driving around basically at gunpoint. It is sickening. BUT always trying to see the other side and living in a very rural area with many hunters I believe we need stricter control. One should be licensed and required to take several tests [psychological],prior to getting licensed and never ever should any gun that shoots more then 9 rounds be sold to an individual. All other fire arms should be 100% only for our soldiers that give them up when they aren’t in a battle area. I am blessed no one in my family has ever been able to even hunt and my closest friends that hunt use bow and arrow [AND eat what they kill]. Again a subject close to my heart. My eldest daughter in Philadelphia has worked on many projects trying to get gun control in the city. I agree the comparison to McDonald’s blew me away!!

    • I love that you have spent a lot of time thinking through your position on this, and taking into account the desires of your fellow country dwellers to own and use a gun for hunting purposes … (but what a scary history you have personally with a gun-wielding maniac!!) I think it’s pretty obvious that this gun debate in our country is being co-opted and manipulated by gun manufacturers — leaving us in this terrible vortex of violence.

      • I do agree about gun manufacturers and big business. I so wish we could remove big business from politics. I wish we could remove money and lobbyist from politics. Then we would have politicians concerned about we the people. The violence in this country due to guns is overwhelming. I have given great amounts of money over the last 10 yrs to gun control and I feel it hasn’t changed anything. So upsetting!

  2. makes me wonder what’s lurking in my neighbor’s mind….. why the perceived need to be on the defensive/prepared to be on the offensive? Do people feel like they’ve made THAT many enemies?

    • Really sad — and then we wonder why all this is happening. Pretty clear when you look at the entire rest of the developed world that has sensible gun regulations and don’t have the violence we have here…. but there are none so blind as those who will not see, apparently.

  3. What blew me away was the McDonald’s comparison. There is a freakin’ McDonalds everywhere and yet there are ten times more licensed gun dealers than there are Big Mac franchises. Holy Crap.

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