A chip off the old blog.

Missy & LuluMy darling daughter Lulu just moved to Thailand to teach English for half a year, and though it’s hard having her so far away, I’m really excited for the adventures she’ll be having there. Foreignor

AND … she’s blogging!

Her site is Me, Myself & Thailand — and I have to say, objectively, it’s a great blog!

She’s a very good writer, her photos and videos are darling (you’re going to fall in love with Doobie, the baby elephant who lives next door)…Doobie

and she has a wonderful way of capturing the country. I’m so proud of her! temple

You can subscribe to follow her journey (shameless maternal pitch) … just by clicking the Follow button.

I’m in!

16 thoughts on “A chip off the old blog.

  1. Hi Sybil! Yeah — I feel almost guilty for having been so contagiously peripatetic! I loved the title of her blog, too — and I also love that she never asked me the slightest bit of advice! Actually, she’s way more advanced than me on the computer so I’m sure it’s about a hundred times easier for her to put together …
    Happy weekend!!!

  2. You sure know how to makem’! 🙂 I’ll look forward to reading about her new adventures too – you created another storyteller!

    • Hi Yvette!! Well, right back atcha — Liz is one of my favorite women EVER!! I am really happy that Lulu’s blogging — it’s such a great way
      to capture your thoughts and feelings about a place!! Missing u ….

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