The Ice Storm Cometh.


Well, it’s finally here… in all its glory. camellia One-half inch of ice that’s effectively shut down the entire state of Georgia.

umbrellaBut not the college … because the kids are still there. chairBut because it’s officially a Snow Day .. they’re all sleeping in. Like the pansies. pansyAnd magnolia.magnoliaAnd hydrangea.hydrangeaI know you northerners have had it with winter, but for me, it’s still a thrill.berriesKeep warm & stay toasty… shrub

sidewalkUntil we all thaw out!

11 thoughts on “The Ice Storm Cometh.

  1. You have had some crazy weather this winter! The images from the last storm of cars stuck all over the highways were crazy. It has been very cold in MN and we’ve had lots of snow but we’re used to it. Hope your winter improves soon. Ice storms are scary and dangerous!

  2. Having just gotten my power back after 6 days on Monday…..I’m sure hoping to avoid a repeat performance! Other than that…4 snow days in 2 weeks makes for a pretty cushy work week!

    • I cannot believe that — how Swarthmore got swacked!!! I’m hoping this latest storm wasn’t as destructive and you kept your power. Could you take showers, etc. at the college?? Sure hope so !!! Stay warm..

  3. It makes the setting for beautiful pictures!! I do love to look at it. My county here on the “Eastern Shore” of Maryland doesn’t budget or plan for snow and ice! Our schools will be loosing spring break or usually extends into summer. Traveling is the worst!!Ha!! So I love being confined [briefly before going nuts!]

    • Yes! It’s a tricky mix between having a lovely little interlude from real life, and feeling like — get me outta here!! Hopefully it will all melt tomorrow like it’s supposed to, and we’ll be back in action!

  4. LOVE the title of this post, Betty–and the photos–and the sentiment. We are thinking about you all. Stay safe. And remember, as a meteorologist somewhere in your neck of the South said, “I don’t care what those Yankees say. You CAN’T drive on ice!”

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • So true, Kathryn — and it’s going to be pretty dodgy tonight. We’re expecting to get about 3 inches of snow on top of all the ice, so that won’t be too smooth-going. I personally love dramatic weather like this, but I’m really glad that I don’t have to get out and drive in it! LOVED your post on valentines … jeez, I should be so creative!!!

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