The Mother of All Water Gun Fights

(My daughter’s post from Thailand which made me laugh out loud …. ENJOY!)

Me, Myself, and Thailand

SONGKRAN. It is the Thai New Year. It is AWESOME. I may not be completely sure about this, but I believe it started as a gentle water celebration where people would kindly wash away all the bad by pouring water onto one’s hands or on a buddha. Of course, “because Thailand”, it turned into an all-out water brawl across the country (with some very shocking fatality numbers as well). SONGKRAN (yes I will capitalize every time because it is that incredible) can last anywhere from 3 days to one week, sometimes more. This year it was officially April 13-15. I made the choice to travel to Chiang Mai because it is said to be the best place to celebrate SONGKRAN. A month before the holiday, I attempted to buy bus tickets up to the North, but failed because they were already sold out completely for all days. So I decided…

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