Bem-Vindo ao Rio!

Landing in RioI’ve been delaying writing this post because I think I’d kinda hate somebody who got invited to go to the World Cup and then blathered on and on about the insane amount of fun she had. I’d think to myself — What a bragging brat. But … it was SO much fun and I loved every minute there SO much, I’m going to take the risk of being “that person.”

Me holding Oglethorpe University's mascot Petey -- We weren't having any fun at ALL.

My husband and I were invited as guests of Coca-Cola, and Iet me just say that never in my life have I felt more welcomed, indulged, fed, feted, and extravagantly entertained. Of course, the World Cup final game was my husband’s ultimate dream and the real icing on the cake…ticket




The winners!…but the cake was pretty awesome all by itself.

Seeing Christ the Redeemer…in person….welcome to Rio

…walking on Ipanema Beach…sunset..going to the hippie market and monasteries…St. Benedicts2

..meeting some beautiful young women from Coca-Cola’s Coletivo Project that is helping to prepare and employ young people in the poverty-stricken favelas…gorgeous…hanging out with cool Coke people from across the globe…David…and oh yeah, being wined and dined 24/7.

The semi-final watching party at our hotel!

The semi-final watching party at our hotel!

Rio is a party city in the calmest of times — but during the World Cup it was totally over the top.miss brazil

soccer bros


The armada of Brazilian ships guarding the harbor.

The armada of Brazilian ships guarding the harbor.


we were thereSo …when are we going back??Our view

12 thoughts on “Bem-Vindo ao Rio!

  1. You deserve the right to brag, Betty! What a fantastic experience. We had fun just watching all the on-field and off-field action on TV. I can’t imagine what it was like living it.

  2. woohoo!! that looked like a lot of fun! brag and post all the pics you want, this way you get to give us a view not many other people have from the world cup 🙂 Saludos!

  3. I want a soccer ball suit. Sounds like hardship bravely born – as the saying goes in my family – so glad you got to do that!

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