Sweet Jesusita, it’s dry out here!

palms I have a thing about California.

It probably started when I lived here and felt like I was so far away from my family, it was a sin. Plus the weather was always perfect– which is probably a sin, too.

So whenever I come back to California, it’s like .. yay!!! I’m sinning!!bettybeachExcept that California is feeling a lot more like Armageddon these days. It hasn’t rained in about a year and when you land in Los Angeles, it’s as if you were landing in the Sahel. (And yes – I have landed in the Sahel.) It’s sobering and frightening.gorgeousWhen Larry & I went out for a hike on the Jesusita Trail above Santa Barbara, we figured it might be a tad dry. JesuitaSo so beautiful – hawks soaring overhead and the lovely, aching smell of eucalyptus wafting down — but every arroyo was bone dry. The giant live oaks were as dignified as usual, but more than a few bore the scars of past fires. live oaksShrubs had curled and crumpled under the relentless drought. burnt leavesDust covered our feet.trail

 Later that day at the Santa Monica Beach, I watched as people of every conceivable size, color, and ethnic background frolicked in the waves, kissed, staggered through the sand, and grabbed their slice of this American dream of which we’re all a part. melting potIt was a beautiful sight.

 As I fly out this morning, I’m longing for more beach time…larry beach…and praying for water for California in the next few months. yeah, it's raining...Come, El Nino, come!!!



10 thoughts on “Sweet Jesusita, it’s dry out here!

  1. It seems as though every place on earth is experiencing either drought or flooding. Maybe someday we’ll figure out how to transport water easily from where it’s doing harm to where it’s needed.

  2. Hi Betty, good to see your wonderful photos. My daughter, Eleanor, is now in graduate school in LA so I have finally visited Southern CA. Beautiful but the lack of rain is very worrisome. So, does El Nino tend to bring rainier conditions to the west coast?

    • Ooops! What was I thinking?? Can you believe it happened in Napa? I never even think of that as an earthquake-prone area, but I guess the whole state is pretty much on the fault line …. and look at all the damage just at 6.0! Can’t wait to see you in September!!!

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