Oooh, la la Pareeee!


A few months ago, our friends Norm & Adrienne asked Larry & me if we’d like to spend a week with them at their apartment in Paris. While my husband consulted his calendar & secretary, I immediately accepted, booked our flight, and started shopping for cute stuff to wear.

Late October in Paris…. how delicious does that sound??sidewalk

And indeed it was. Despite the fact that we hadn’t been to Paris in 35 years, I suspect that the Eternal City is so named because no matter what the time of year or in what decade you choose to visit, it’s always a complete glut for the senses. IM Pei

We visited Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen–  a flea market with over 15 distinct markets and thousands of merchants, antiques, designers, artisans, artists and collectors (all of whom were decidedly flea-free)…

Les Puces3


LesPuces2I finally got to see Sacre Coeur and Montmartre…Sacre Couer

We walked over every bridge of the Seine we saw …Seine

(…but somehow neglected to place a padlock to ensure that our love lasts forever …)locks

Unashamedly, we climbed aboard the touristy Open Bus and circled the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe …L'arc de Triomphe

Went to the Louvre and lounged around the Tuileries watching the street life ….Boxing in Tuileries

Admired Notre Dame in all its fabulous glory…Notre Dame

Discovered the bargain beauty of the 2-euro entry to the elegant Rodin Museum gardens…Rodin Garden

RodinAnd almost bumped into La Tour Eiffel every time we walked out of the apartment.LTE2

Adrienne and Norm slathered us with indulgences, including a string quartet concert at Eglise de la Madeleine….Madeleine

… A fascinating architectural tour of Louvre Museum…Louis XVI

ALL their favorite neighborhood bistros…seafood

… and a Paris By Mouth tour of Rue Mouffetard’s gorgeous cheese, wine, charcuterie, chocolate, and patisserie shops. Rue Moufftard(Where not a single item was gluten-free, fat-free or dairy-free, thank god!)


patisseriesWe didn’t shop much after Les Puces – just went to Au Printemps for the sheer thrill of being contemptuously overlooked by the 95-pound black-clad male and female sales staff….Au Printemps

And generally soaked in every morsel of Paris’s extraordinary, extravagant beauty.Warrior

As my husband remarked, “Maybe the French are right to think they’re better than everybody else. I mean, they certainly try harder to make everything beautiful.”  flower shop


trompe l'oeuil

tomatoesC’est vrai!Orsay Clock

16 thoughts on “Oooh, la la Pareeee!

  1. Seemed like forever since we’d heard from you, Betty. Glad all is well with y’all…and it sure was worth the wait! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Don’t so many of us have so much to be thankful for?

  2. Oh Betty, what a glorious summation of your trip. The photos and sightseeing details made me green with envy. Paris is by far my favorite city in the world, truly stunning and beautiful. And the food….so glad you went and enjoyed every minute and every bite. xo

    • I did enjoy every bite, Jeff, and I have the bulges to show for it!! But … don’t regret a single thing… it’s been so long since we’ve been there, (and you never know when you’re going to get back) that we just completely ENJOYED every single second! Thanks for the comment!!

  3. What a wonderful invitation, Betty. And stunning images, as well. I fear, I, too, would have shopped for clothes before I left and been happy for pastries WITH gluten, dairy, fat. I want it all.

    I’m trying to get my butt back in the saddle. I did manage to post something a month ago, but have been busy teaching workshops, looking at self-hosting my blog and writing my memoir (yes, I’ve been doing that), but I will make an effort to get something new out this week, including photos of our new home.

    Sorry to have been .gone for so long.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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