Cold & rainy in San Antone.

Baby sister Bonnie with a cactus bonnet.

Last weekend, my four sisters and I descended upon Texas for my older sister’s 60th birthday. (I know it’s impossible, but decades happen.)After six months of unrelenting sun and heat, those big Texas skies opened up and it started raining. And freezing.

No problemmo. My sisters are hearty souls from the Northeast & Colorado and not about to be denied this Girls Weekend Out, so we carried on with our maniacal tourist agenda. (And I got there 2 days late).

Saturday, it was poblano & pumpkin tamales at the Pearl Farmers Market Tamale Festival...

The San Antonio Museum of Art along the River Walk...

Mariachi Mass at the San Fernando Cathedral...

(And afterwards, an awesome impromptu rock version of the Nutcracker by The Invincible Czars on the Square.)

Dinner at the Zuni Grille on the River Walk.

Then on Sunday, down to the 4 glorious Spanish missions south of town.

Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan, and lovely Espada...

...and the ancient Aqueduct from the 18th century.

Then it was south to my cousin’s 100-acre ranch in Devine Texas, with my 95-year old Aunt Carolyn in attendance.

Farmgirl/Sisters Bonnie, Mary Lou, Kathy, Susan, Cousin Nancy

Feeding the goats, chickens, bunnies, cows and horses. Eating wild hog. Then back to San Antonio for more Riverwalking.

Don't hold back on the decorations, just throw everything on!

Next morning, up at dawn for The Japanese Tea Garden. The Witte Museum. And the Botanic Gardens.

Forty-eight hours of cold, gray, wet fun in a city that seemed to be one, big, beautiful festival just for us.Happy Birthday, Mary Lou, we love you!

18 thoughts on “Cold & rainy in San Antone.

  1. uh, Betty, easy on ML’s birthday . . . you were college roommates! ML, happy birthday. What a wonderful celebration and girls weekend. Can’t imagine the energy buzzing around. WOW. I love my Londergan cousins! Think about a girls get away in Flagler Beach. Love to all and safe travels 12X12 in 2012.


    • Thanks, SD! It really is a beautiful place — but BOY, was it chilly! I love to go places at unusual times, though — it gives you a totally different perspective! We went to Prague once in November, and it was frigid and snowy — but that made it so moody and lovely and empty!!

  2. Thanks for the recent comment on my eye candy, Betty! Hey, you should have dropped in to visit my dad and my sister Debbie while you were in San Antonio. Loved your photos of the missions, by the way. When my dad said it was raining so much, I said I already knew (because of your recent blog posting!)

    • Thanks, Tina — coming from YOU, the professional photographer, that makes me so happy! And because I was too lazy to lug along my big camera, these were all taken on my i-phone… which I understand you got for your recent b-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU … and thanks for writing!

  3. Mary Lou, Happy Birthday! It’s impossible to think you are 60. You all look wonderful and happy. My best to everyone, and Merry Christmas too.

    love, Edythe

    • Wow … Thanks so much for writing, Edythe! We had a blast being together and you can just imagine how much walking, talking and laughing was involved … not to mention our conversations about you and your beautiful family! So much catching up to do!! xoox B

  4. Yes, Happy Birthday Mary Lou!! What a fabulous post. Love it! Sensational to see all the girls together but you forgot to put yourself in the photo!

    • Thanks, EOS … and I didn’t really forget to put myself in, but this was the best photo — and I just love how we all look like we’re freezing to death except Nancy has on a t-shirt. That hearty Texas stock!!

  5. How wonderful, you lit up your days your way!! Yes, the rains have been a blessing, so glad you didn’t let your parade get rained out!!

    • We’ve had so much drought here, Meredith, I’m always happy when it rains (and it’s a good excuse to stay inside, curled up with a good book and a glass of wine — my favorite kind of “activity”!! ) Thanks so much for your comment!

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