Apparently, you’re not the only one who loves What Gives 365!

Betty’s blog (back in the day) appeared in the following Television, Online & News/Magazine publications:

CNN Interview on January 1, 2011

Martha Stewart TV show December 22, 2010

Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine, December 2010 DEC_Right Give

11 Alive Atlanta with Chris Sweigart, July 14 , 2010


9 thoughts on “Press

  1. I personally Believe posting, “Press | What Gives 365” was indeed perfect! I actuallycouldn’t agree together with you more! At last seems like Idiscovered a webpage very well worth reading through. Thanks for your effort, Katherin

  2. Betty,
    Loved you on Martha Stewart!!!! Nice hair 🙂
    Glad you mentioned me – thought I’m not from Belgium, but Luxembourg.
    So when are you going to Uganda??? And when are you swinging by Luxembourg? I’ll take you to Belgium for some waffles and chocolate.
    Take good care.

  3. Dear Betty,
    I read about you in the Ashoka Changemakers blog today and was compelled to learn more about What Gives 365. You are an incredible social changemaker and I dig your amazing project! I applaud and am in awe of you and your generosity in action.

    Most importantly, you and your efforts have inspired me to also “Give 365.” I have always given to causes I support whether time, talent, money, or all three. After reading about your project, I am committing to a New Year resolution in 2011 to further step-up and join you in action 365 days a year to help those organizations whose missions I support.

    Thank you for sharing about your purposeful and meaningful project and inspiring this social changemaker to do more.

    Blessing to you and family,
    Shelly Morningstar

  4. Gorgeous as always, and you give such a boost to some of the world’s other heroes, quietly loving and giving so that we are all in a better place. Celebrating who you are and what you do for peoplekind.

  5. When I read all of the causes that you are highlighting, it can become a bit overwhelming that there is so much need in the world.
    But I am inspired to see what you do every day. That every little bit, every time the word gets out, someone benefits from what you do.
    It is people like you and Pattie that help change the world,,,,, a little at a time.

  6. Betty
    We were down in Santa Barbara yesterday and visiting Mimi. She raved about your project and then turned me onto your web site. Really wonderful stuff your doing.
    I’d write a piece asking for a donation to the legal aid clinic I sponsor, but the lawyers in my community are stepping up to the plate and helping both staff and fund the clinic. There is no shortage of well intentioned organizations deserving of your attention and sponsorship. Keep up the good work.

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