Shameless Self-Promotion Department.

I’m bashful, but apparently I’m also CLASSY.

Big news, folks!!

For my work on my OTHER blog, Heifer 12 x 12, I’ve been selected as a Top 5 Finalist for Volunteer of the Year in the 4th Annual CLASSY Awards, from a pool of 2,400 nominations. The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. In 2011, nearly 2,000 organizations and volunteers were nominated for a CLASSY Award, and their collective efforts impacted the lives of more than 200,000,000 people in 71 countries worldwide.

So what’s so classy about me?? I have no idea, but it’s fabulous recognition for my pals at Heifer International, so I’m all about getting to the next level — and to do that, I need your vote by July 26 (next Thursday)!

Click here to get to the site and follow the big, wonking explanation below of how to vote (most important step is the FINAL one to log in to Facebook*):

Thank you a million times over … I really appreciate your vote!!
*If you don’t have a Facebook account, click on the option to open a StayClassy account and use that!