Post-partum graduation.

so proudFor a few weeks now, I’ve been feeling a bit empty, sad, anxious and blue.

I attribute this to the fact that my darling daughter just graduated college with honors… which you might think would leave me breathless with pride, wonder and joy. Well, of course it did!  But I’ve also been blindsided by the fact that this means that Lulu is really, truly grown up and she’ll probably never live at home anymore (which of course is what I want for her… to the point where my graduation gift to her was 100,000 airline miles).  Obviously, I’m all over the place in my emotions and don’t even understand them myself.

The closest I got to the stage was the personal!

The closest I got to the stage was the monitor…how personal!

The graduation, which I was totally prepared to sob through, was actually hilarious due to the fact it was blinding rain, freezing cold, utterly chaotic and horribly mismanaged (thanks, St. John’s!) … and we were sitting in front of a massively entertaining Jersey woman with the mouth of a truck driver who gave heartfelt running commentary on the whole nutty ceremony.

Lulu & her boyfriend -- wet but all graduated!

Lulu & her boyfriend Jarel — damp, but all graduated!

But now it’s all over. I’m home; Lulu’s up in New York for the summer, and I’m feeling blue.

Am I the only mother who is tripped up emotionally in these big moments of transition when you’re supposed to feel happy, but you actually feel …lonesome??