10,000 evocative words about Uganda.

As my Ethiopian Airways jet pulls up and away from Entebbe, Uganda, I’m sitting with my nose pressed against the glass, already missing the ubiquitous banana plantations, the smiling faces of the children, the beautiful grace of the men &women, and the ever-striving energy of Africa.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here are 10,000 to remember Uganda by:

Church isn't the same without a sweet sound system...

Could you walk to school 5 miles in these shoes?

Yep, that's putting your scooter to good use.

Smart girls rock!

My hands got tired from waving so much.

Looking so much like Joan of Arc....

Now this is extreme biking...

Big Billy of Nyaka

One month is all it takes to weave a basket.

A puzzle is a marvelous thing.

Until we meet again, keep jumping for joy!