Betty’s got a Brand New Blog!

My new logo by Liz Meitus ... isn't it pretty??

Okay, it’s finally official.

I’m going to be moving from What Gives 365 to Heifer 12 x 12 –where I’ll be traveling to 12 countries in 12 months of 2012 and writing about the projects of Heifer International that seek to end hunger and poverty & heal the earth. (But I’ll still keep this blog up in case you want to come back and visit…)

Here’s my dynamic, fabulous schedule for 2012:

January – Guatemala

February – Haiti

March – Peru

April – Nepal

May- Cameroon

June – Georgia (Russia, not “moonlight through the pines” Georgia, y’all)

July – Vietnam

August – Sierra Leone

September – Armenia

October – Appalachia, USA

November – Malawi

December – Ecuador


There will be photos galore, fascinating stories about things you never knew (pigs’ gestation for one), and I will be SO sad if you’re not along for the ride! So hop on over, click to subscribe, and it’ll be just like we’ve never been apart!!

xoxooxo B