7 thoughts on ““Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

  1. I think the reason we love our Alma Mater so much is because that is where we learned the Socratic Method, which is crucial to any critical thinking. One can get the best education available by reading The Great Books, but nothing can replace the discussion method as practiced in a classroom full of self-motivated lifetime learners.

  2. I remember that saying from a great twilight zone episode about a school teacher who was going to kill himself,till the ghosts of his former students came to him .They told him of what they had learned from him while they gave up there lives for humanity.I quess sometimes you can touch people in ways and never even know it.
    my favorite

    • Rod Serling was a fellow Antioch alumnus. The quotation was engraved on a monument to Horace Mann that stands in front of an ivy-covered building (does anyone know its name?) on the Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs, OH. Horace Mann was a world-class American educator, an intellectual colleague of John Dewey. He was the first president of Antioch College and is considered to be one of the co-founders of the institution. I graduated from a fore-runner of today’s Antioch University: Antioch Minneapolis Extra-Ordinary Learning and Educational Complex (Antioch E.L.E.C,) in 1976, while it was still part of the Antioch Network, founded by then Antioch President and CEO Dixon. That motto has been my life-long inspiration, and I stumbled on this website whill searching for an exact rendition of the quotation to preface my doctoral dissertation, aradical autobiographical ethnology. I will have to single-handedly re-invent my niche in phenomenological methodology, which I derive from the experiential learning and Socratic method I first learned at Antioch, in the great legacy of Socrates and Man.

      • Timothy – my dad was an Antioch alum and he always said that going to Antioch completely changed his life. I attended several of his Antioch reunions when he was in his 80s and I could NOT believe what vibrant, creative, talented ALIVE people came out of that college. I am so happy you are still so active and intellectually curious — and I think that is a direct attribute of an Antioch education!! THANKS for writing!!

    • Why do you call it the late great? Antioch has numerous colleges still in the US and is a fantastic college. I graduated with my Masters Degree from Antioch in 1999 at age fifty!

      • Well, in late 2009 when I wrote that attribution to Horace Greeley, Antioch was still shuttered I believe. I’m so happy to know that it’s back in action in education and cooperative studies — and congrats on your graduation!! My father was an alum and loved Antioch for 60 years … with all his heart!!

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