Numero Dos is Georgia Public Broadcasting — because I like to look smart.

GPB gets bumped to the top of the list because I owe them my annual membership fee, and if I don’t pay now, apparently they are going to call or email me every single day until I do. So this is a responsible, evasive decision that I’m quite happy to make.

I support Georgia Public Broadcasting because of its amazing TV programming which I should watch but usually forget to because my husband is watching Uruguay vs. Panama on his stupid international soccer channel or my daughter is engrossed in some IQ-paralyzing show like Bad Girls, and I either have to leave the room (positive response) or get sucked into watching (kiss of death). Among the great programs I have watched on GPB are the lyrical National Parks series by Ken Burns and African American Lives, the mesmerizing series with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. revealing the lost family histories of folks like Chris Rock, Maya Angelou and Tina Turner – with old photos, land purchases and slave records. Among the great programs I have not watched (obviously) are Brain Fitness, The Infinite Mind, Secrets of Enlightenment, and The Power of Forgiveness — but I feel  cerebral & serene just knowing they are out there. Hey! You can even watch some of these series online, too, in case you get a sudden urge for enlightenment, boot camp for your brain, etc. 

I also love GPB because it supports the NPR stations which seamlessly cover the air waves from Atlanta to Savannah– and thus provide the only entertainment available on the excruciatingly boring 4-hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah, where we have a little cottage that we rarely visit because of the aforementioned drive.

Anyhow, it’s my civic duty to support public broadcasting (as it is yours, if you watch or listen at all) so here I go.

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