3 thoughts on “OUr kids, doing good

  1. That is awesome. Most student don’t want to do ANYTHING over breaks. (I don’t blame them.) Thank you to these students for giving up their time and money &/or what could have been earned wages.

    (Okay – here’s a weird connect I have to “today’s” post. When I was little my dad always called me “James P. Oglethorpe the Third”. I didn’t like it! Especially since I’m a girl not a boy! haha)

  2. Betty – do you have contact info. for Camp Hope? There’s another org. with the same name that does camp for kids with HIV – possibly another great cause – but was interested in the one you are giving to – if you do, pass it on – thanks!

  3. These photos warm my heart. How would these kids feel about building some homes in Haiti? I know that the major organizations like Red Cross and United Nations are very involved, but their efforts can not reach everyone. I would be glad to organize a more direct, personal effort.

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