Off to Guatemala!

Tomorrow morning at 9:50 am, Larry and I are taking off with a gaggle of Oglethorpe University students for a 7-day spring service trip to Guatemala. We’ll be staying with families in the tiny town of San Juan on gloriously beautiful Lake Atitlan. Larry and I discovered the town on our first trip to Guatemala and he’s been back twice since then, trying to learn Spanish and living with a delightful family — with whom we’ll stay again.

Lush as it can be!

It’s a full moon tomorrow night and we’ll be there — it’s so hard to believe that in three short hours (then multiple hours of buses) you can shift your surroundings so profoundly.

Every day in San Juan we’ll be getting up at 7 am and having breakfast (tortillas) then taking Spanish lessons, then doing a service project, then having lunch (tortillas), then doing another five hours of service, then having dinner (rice,beans & tortillas) with our host families, then reflecting upon the experience and falling exhausted into bed.

We're going to pick coffee (and hopefully drink a few gallons).

I’m not much of a group/sharing person so I hope I make it through all the togetherness. But since I’ll be dragging you along with me, you’ll be the first to know!

Hasta la vista, amigos!

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