And now a few words from Steve Jobs…

Such a remarkable person, and such a profound message!

I’m continuously telling my daughter to trust that life will take her where she needs to go, if she only will follow her heart and intuition. It’s so hard to do that when you’re 20 and you feel the weight of the world pressing down on you to BE SOMETHING and get a job and make something of yourself. But from this aged vantage point, it’s so clear that all the mistakes and missteps and weird choices and uncertainty are what give you the courage & heart to find what you truly love and be what you are meant to be. And ultimately add so greatly to your life.

Godspeed, Steve Jobs – thanks for the wisdom & the wonder.

9 thoughts on “And now a few words from Steve Jobs…

  1. I’d like to know why someone so brilliant, and creative, someone who has given the world so much, and had so much more to give, would only be allowed such a short life?

    I’m so glad you posted the speech:
    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    • Hey Rosie — I know, it seems so cruel that his life was a bit short – but perhaps that sense was always with him, and propelled him into greatness … he certainly wasted no time and seemed beautifully grateful for all the time he had here … thanks so much for writing!

  2. I knew some about Steve Jobs, but when I heard all of what happened to him I was so impressed. A combination of the “old” and “new”, even in his fight against cancer.
    His speech to Stamford graduates – I watched twice – I loved his comments about dropping out to save his parents from using all of their money and then going to classes any way. And what he discovered with caligraphy that influenced computers so much. WE NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL EFFECT/AFFECT OUR LIVES. With what I know now I would give anything to start over and see what would happen if I had taken one of the other “roads” offered to me. But, then I wouldn’t have my two wonderful girls so I (as I get older) think my path was already planned for me.
    He made me think about a lot of things with his death which doesn’t always happen with someone as brilliant and famous as he is. Love this quote from a catalogue he brought up – be hungry, be foolish – great for those just starting out. It takes HEART TO GO YOUR OWN WAY!!

    • Dear Melinda — I thought this speech was so revealing and so personal — and also, so inspiring! In my life I feel like it’s absolutely been true that the things I’ve resisted and that I’ve been the most uncertain/crabby about are the things that have brought me — in retrospect – the most intensely enriching changes and the most kick-in-the-pants reminders that i’m meant to do something else.. something more. So YES! I too loved his comments about his parents and I think about the beautiful lovingness that was so incredible — when the other parents (idiots) said no because they wanted a girl, this humble couple just wanted to love and accept him … and they ended up being the parents of this genius/creator/seer … I just LOVE that!

  3. Maybe after so many years of school, with its tests and report cards, it takes a while to accept the idea that mistakes and failures are constructive events. Steve Jobs showed what’s possible for millions of strangers. You have done the same for your daughter and I have no doubt she’s headed for great things, helped along by your own wisdom and sense of wonder.

    • Thanks so much, Charles — you know, I always feel as if I haven’t been able to pass along my truest beliefs to my daughter — and that is that no matter how much you plan, and how finite and linear you believe the universe to be ( stuff I’ve always told her, more or less btw) , it is so often the random, the unwelcome, and the crazy stuff that comes in and utterly changes your life and determines your future. I simply loved that when Steven dropped out, he learned the lessons that would be so transformative in his aesthetic .. and influence the evolution of the computer! I hope that in some ways, she’ll get it .. just the way I did … completely in an arbitrary way!

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