How Green Is My Alley

elephant earsYou may find this hard to believe but I love it when things get a little wild. The only problem (well, some people feel it’s a problem) is the line between fun wild and out-of-control wild can sometimes be a tiny bit difficult to recognize. Particularly in a garden. So all day Saturday I spent my time slashing my out-of-control plants back into some semblance of decorum.  overgrown210 giant dracaena spikes that I always forget to take out of the pots during the winter (because I like to watch them blowing in the wind) I had to literally saw out of the soil… and then settle for wimpy little tadpole seedlings.

My banana palm literally flowered in the garage!

My banana palm quietly came up with this 10-inch bloom in the garage

The wall of embedded variegated vinca vines with pretty blue flowers that I also neglected to discipline last fall when they were tumbling over their containers like a tsunami? Cut back to the nub … and pulled out of the mortar. Enter mild-mannered pots of crimson geraniums.

geraniumsMy swamp sunflowers that got so unruly they can’t even be staked anymore and have smothered my echinacea and sweet little white daisies?Pulled up by the roots and replaced with Mexican sage & a pomegranate dracaena which is supposed to get 10 feet tall.

Bye-bye swamp things...

Bye-bye swamp things…

Oh rapture! That almost makes up for the golden-yellow masses of sunflowers that won’t be showing up at my window in late September. Almost.

Giant viburnum snowballs will do me for now...

Giant viburnum snowballs will do me for now…

So — the wild fun is temporarily over, and I’m exhausted.working shoes

Everything is neat and tidy and in line.back porch

Demure bedding plants (sigh).

Demure bedding plants (sigh).

I can’t wait for the wild to kick in!elephant ears2

Happy Earth Day!green