Staggering, Swaggering Shanghai.

The three big ones: Shanghai World Financial Center (Bottle Opener), Jinmao Tower, and the world’s soon-to-be-tallest building (Wedding Cake) going up one floor every 5 days.

Shanghai is the largest city in China at 23 million people, and ergo, the largest city in the world. Believe me when I tell you that it looks and feels like no place else I’ve ever been.  In short, this city is a trip. It’s simultaneously insanely ambitious in its building…

Now that’s tall…

…and quietly beautiful.

The moon gate at Yuyuan Gardens.

But make no mistake, this city is moving every minute of the day and night.

This largest port in the world, rocking on the banks of the Yangtze River, never sleeps. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around all the different things I was seeing. Cranes and more cranes, and then, simple birds.A lotus building…And a 450-year old ginko tree.

Bright lights..

Big city.

And even while the people we see in the hotel and across the street at the stunningly expensive shops in the IFC mall are far more glamorous and well-dressed than I’ve ever dreamed of being, the Chinese I love to see are just plain folks.

But there’s nothing plain about Shanghai.

That’s for sure. Now I’m home, just in time for Thanksgiving. And I’m giving thanks for being home sweet home. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!