How can you miss me if I won’t go away?

Okay, I honestly tried to stop writing and take a long and much-needed break out here in the breathtakingly beautiful Bay Area – but I miss all you guys. And I miss telling stories!

I’m not sure where What Gives 2011 is going (I really, really want to turn it into a TV show and film my Top 30 causes) but I guess we’ll just have to see. And yes, that does mean I am going to drag you along on this journey with me.

My long and winding road

I’ve also got more causes I want to write about & people whose stories I am dying to share, even if I’m not giving away money, so stay tuned for that (it just won’t be every day)…

Jason, Luke's friend in the U.S. military, and Afghani kids

And the latest News Flash is that on January 1, Luke Edenfield got his birthday wish and received the last of 1,000 donated toy cars that he’s sending to U.S. soldiers to distribute to kids in Afghanistan. Yay Luke!

(And if you want to see my world-famous debut on Martha Stewart and CNN — just click on the PRESS button in the masthead, and it will take you right to the videos! )