8 thoughts on “Sweet hungry Alabama.

  1. I am happy to see that you’ve also noticed the unnecessary attention towards the expiry date in substances that contain so many preservatives, they could wheelchair the food to the next holocaust.
    I suppose the regulations have been made to make sure nothing really harmful reaches the people consuming that food. We have so many here in India, who could use all of the food that’s wasted, including the grains and fruits and vegetables in our warehouses. But that’s another story..
    Charles is right, there is a dire need for lactose-free banana puddings for aid-angels like you, Betty.

  2. I recently found out that toothpaste has an expiration date. (And now you have me wondering: What is it going to do, give you cavities?)

    Thank you, Betty, for all of the good work you do. I wish someone would invent a lactose-free banana pudding milkshake, just for you.

  3. I too am most impressed at the scope of the Oglethorpe outreach group, am sad I live too far away to join y’all, and HAD NO IDEA that even food banks throw away food! Good gracious that’s what happens when you live in such a litigious society as ours!

  4. OMG! First of all, you are sooooo funny – a regular Sherry Seinfeld. The aspirin joke was hilarious. Ok, back to why I’m really commenting. lol! You all have done a wonderful thing for all those in need of some love. With the exception of Cory’s political biases, I’m sure you all had a spectacular time. Just kidding, I love Cory. He’s a great debater.

    Many blessings to the cast and crew of the Betty Ricardo Show. Look for me to audition soon. 🙂

  5. Have wanted to go help so badly, but living in PA not an option right now – so good job. But I know what you mean about discarding the food – we did it at our food bank and it is a shame. Also, I worked at grocery store that throws out cart after cart EVERY NIGHT of bakery goods and other stuff that could be used even though there is now a law preventing law suits if someone gets sick. It was so hard!!
    I do not watch the news at all, but when things like these disasters happen I have to – I have to send my prayers and my favorite “administrative assistant” Angels to all who are hurting so much. The only good thing (and I’m not sure this isn’t part of the universe’s plan) is that the GOOD comes out at these times or at least is broadcast. There are so many wonderful people in this world and we need to see that all of the time, not just during disasters.
    Love is all around us – we just have to learn to receive it, sometimes a hard prospect for those of us living every day life and directing our own lives. But we need to receive it and give it – great job you did.

  6. Betty – I hate the throwing out food part of the process but otherwise, what an offer of help when help was needed. If the Oglethorpe outreach group ever uses non-Oglethorpe affiliated volunteers, I’d like to know how to put my name on that list. I had no idea Oglethrope offered itself like this and what a wonderful way for students – and the rest of you – to learn about the world. Judy

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