Konichiwa, Tokyo!

I guess I was waiting to get Lost in Translation (since it’s one of my favorite movies) but I found I just loved Tokyo.

It’s such a beautiful, tidy, clean and gorgeously designed city … and also a city where the littlest things matter.
And there’s always an aesthetic around beauty – wherever you find it.

Tokyo is a mind-boggling marriage between the beauty of the natural world and a design aesthetic that infuses everything from architecture to fashion to food.

What a beautiful place to turn 59. With my darling husband…..….who will turn 59 tomorrow. Aging misery/denial/bargaining/acceptance loves company!

So here’s to you, honey — happy last year of our 50s. I am so glad we’re going through it together!!!

25 thoughts on “Konichiwa, Tokyo!

  1. Happy Birthday to both of you, Betty. We were in Japan about six years ago and we’re headed back next summer — I can’t wait. Thank you for the beautiful photos of Tokyo. Your eye for detail always shows a rare love and appreciation for your surroundings.

    Did you feel any need to clarify that your darling husband is the guy in the picture below that caption, not the one above it?

  2. Happy Birthday Betty! Thank You for sharing so much with us and wishing for you a most wonderful year! You are awesome beyond words and we truly appreciate YOU!!! Much love & hugs to you from Southern California! 😉

  3. Betty, your missives always evoke a wonderful response from my inner core. Thanks for a moment of respite. Barbara and I celebrate our 16th anniversary today and are still on our honeymoon—lots of grins to share with you and Larry.

    So sorry you couldn’t join us for the magic show a few weeks back, but we will try again soon/

    Happy birthdays all around!



    • Thanks, Sam & HAPPY Anniversary to you & Barbara … we don’t need to go to a magic show, you guys are pretty magical all on your own!
      Let’s get together in the New Year .. when I come back down to earth!!! Thanks for reading…

  4. What a beautiful place to spend your birthdays! I am living vicariously through all your travel this year Betty. Your enthusiasm and sensitive words and visuals make me feel as though I am there with you. Thank you for the adventure…and for introducing me to places and the spirit of the people you have met! Xo

    • Thanks for reading, Deb — I always feel connected to you & love how life brought us together when we were young mothers (or in my case, a mother of
      a young ‘un). There’s something so special about that! Happy Thanksgiving and all blessings to you & yours!

  5. I’ll be joining you soon dear Betty. What a wonderful way to celebrate – and thank you for sharing so much of yourself. We are the lucky ones!

  6. Sake margaritas while groovin to some Reverand Al…(NOT Sharpton this week). Nice nice to have been a part of your wonderful beginning, a favorite wedding!
    £o¥€& Happy Birthdays

    • And darling Laurie — YOU made that first one a beautiful occasion — can you believe it’s been 9 years since our sake margarita-fest??? Just wait til next year, honey!! ooxoxo to you & your Jack!!

  7. Oh, these are fabulous photos, Betty! I especially love “Reflections of Tokyo.” Happy birthday, my friend! You are turning 60 in the same year I entered my 50s. I hope my decade is a blessed as yours has been. May your 60s be even better than the past 10 years.

    • Thanks so much, Kathryn — we are going to HAVE to meet in KY and celebrate all these co-incidences! I hope that all our years are blessed with the remarkable journeys we’ve been fortunate enough to make this far!!!

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