Just when you thought you couldn’t stand another minute of me ….


… there’s more — much, much more!

My friend & fellow blogger, Renee — author of the hysterically funny blog, Life in the Boomer Lane has started a new blog called Guerrilla Aging — and apparently I am one of her first Aging Gorillas! (I mean guerrillas). Click on her link and you’ll get a full dose of Betty lore… plus some dazzling photos of my fashion-forward Goodwill khakis!!!



10 thoughts on “Just when you thought you couldn’t stand another minute of me ….

  1. Your post came up on my phone as I waited in line at Goodwill…now I’ve opened GA and enjoyed your interview and subscribed. Please find a way to my inbox in 2013 on a regular basis!

    • I love it! Your iphone/Goodwill connection — how perfect specially for this blog! You will love Renee .. and yes, I will figure out some way to keep blogging… my mind is whizzing thru all the potential ideas, but first I’m going to Mexico and chill OUT! xoxooxox & Happy New Year, Laurie!

  2. Here’s to guerrilla aging – love it! Thanks to the tip to another good blog. And I’m hoping you find a great idea, after you get some rest!
    Happy New Year.

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