Turning off … and back on again.

lazyBI’ve been lazy lately. Seriously lazy.

I haven’t blogged in 21 days. Haven’t facebooked. Haven’t tweeted.  Have barely emailed.

It’s been heavenly. SMDA2

In my down & off time, I took two trips: one with my whole family to San Miguel de Allende, a gorgeous colonial city 3 hours north of Mexico City. And one to Denver with my darling Lulu, to visit old friends and old haunts.

O beautiful for spacious skies...
O beautiful for spacious skies…

I’ve also been reading a lot …Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, Dear Life by Alice Munro and Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katharine Boo (I’m giving them a B, A, and A+ respectively). And of course, I’m going to the movies obsessively (The Impossible & Zero Dark Thirty on Thursday, Silver Linings Playbook & Anna Karenina on Friday, Lincoln on Saturday, and Les Miserables today. There’s nothing I love more than going to a movie — or two — alone on a rainy afternoon!

lincoln-daniel-day-lewis_810 Lincoln was the best film by far, but I was surprised at how much I liked Les Mis (don’t take your husband unless he really likes musicals – yeah, right). And I was surprised how little I was blown away by ZDT …where I expected a tornado it was like a lingering thundershower. movies_zero_dark_thirty_still_uk_poster

Silver Linings had the annoying tendency to make mental illness seem endearing and hilarious (oh, a real laugh riot) but the adorable tendency to make Philadelphia look fun, so it was almost a wash. And The Impossible made me cry a lot, knowing nobody would ever actually search for me that relentlessly (“Well, we’ve searched 30 minutes, guess it’s time to pack up and go back to Australia”).the-impossible-poster04

But now that I’ve rested my blogging bones, I’m feeling it’s time to get back on the horse, as it were. (Eek! I’m just recovering from getting flung from a horse into a stone wall on a tequila and quarter-horse ranch in San Miguel de Allende  — and no, there was nary a drop of tequila involved, at least until after the accident).

Yes, I’ve got stories to tell and photos to show. And I miss y’all!

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY!  “We can all be great, because we can all serve.

21 thoughts on “Turning off … and back on again.

  1. Hi Betty, thanks for the recommendations. I have been waiting for my life to slow down so I can hide in a book or two. I love going to the movies but don’t usually think of going by myself [and my husband prefers to watch it at home from on demand] so I wait for my girls to plan something. Les Mis was incredible. I have seen it on Broadway twice and felt they did an amazing job on the big screen. I leave for 10 relaxing days at the end of this month and expect I will read all 3 books then. So looking forward to it.

    • Oh, I love watching movies at home, in the theatre, on planes — anywhere! I’m glad you liked Les Mis as much as I did — and I’m really hoping that you will have a beautiful time on vacation …. reading!!!

  2. If there’s anyone who’s earned some lazy time, it’s you. I’m glad you’ve been able to do some travel for pure fun, and enjoy a few books and movies, too. I also hope you’ve gotten all of your close calls for the year out of the way early — explosions, horses. Stay away from tsunamis, okay?

    • I KNOW, BB — it seems I’m courting disaster, doesn’t it?? But I was thinking about your family yesterday and hoping you don’t get clobbered by the blizzard! I have been taking it easy and it’s been pretty blissful, I have to admit. Now if I could only move around some!!

  3. Betty, I so enjoy reading your blog. I started reading it when you were giving money to various organizations. I used your blog to teach my 8th graders about various Non-for Profits.Then they chose an organization of their own to present to their peers. I thought it only fitting to share with you how my life has been changed by your willingness to share all that you think and feel, see and do. Here is a link to my blog. http://notes2myloves.blogspot.com/2013/01/sacred-sisterhood.html

    On the journey with you,

    • Wow, Kristen — this makes me SO happy!! I had no idea you were using my blog to teach your 8th graders,
      but I was always hoping that it might be used as a teaching aide (and my Heifer blog, too – for geography
      and cross-cultural experiences!!) … anyhow, you are wonderful to write and I can’t wait to check out
      your blog!!! ALL the best in 2013!! B

  4. Movie junkies abound in our family too. My sister and I once saw four movies in a day. We planned out the adventure to the second, two theaters in NYC, across the street from each other, three intense dramas, one lighter fare. We saw the lightest one last, as sort of a palate cleanser to the heaviness of the other three. It took about an hour for our eyes to adjust to light once we came out of the theater!! 🙂

    I didn’t like Zero Dark Thirty much either. But Argo, now that’s a movie. And Lincoln too was excellent, except I had a hard time accepting Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. Nothing really good out now.

    Love that you could take a break. That’s not always easy for a busy person like yourself. Happy and healthy 2013.

  5. Hi Betty! Welcome back and so glad you were able to get a much deserved break too! Here’s an idea for you to consider for your next “adventure”…how about going on a “Creative Reuse Road Trip” to all of the various centers in the U.S. and the world? Here’ a link to a great listing of centers: http://www.lancastercreativereuse.org/directory-creative-reuse-centers.html and Yes Betty…there are two centers right in Georgia! I believe you would have fun visiting them too! Thank you so much for just being so awesome beyond words and sharing with all of us! Much appreciation and hugs to you from your friends in SoCal…;-)

  6. I am amazed you went traveling for a break after your year of travel. 🙂 Welcome back to civilian life. I will be in touch soon – thanks for the picture permissions. Going through the other 9,999 photos?!

  7. Oh Betty, sometimes, we need to be doing exactly what you are doing: simply experiencing how delicious life can be, with no special agenda in mind. And you have got me going again! Years ago, I fell in love with San Miguel de Allende on paper and decided I had to see it. I took my then 15 year old son. It was glorious and charming. I still remember everyone coming out into the square each evening. Boo’s book is way at the top of my list of to-reads. I just wish people would stop diverting me with other books (Doc and Spillover). Loved The Impossible, Silver Linings and Les Mis. Must see the others you mentioned.

    • Renee, I have to say, I’m pretty much loving the Slob Life. Movies, books, quiet, yoga, coffee, wine, cooking — what’s not to love?? But I do feel guilty that I haven’t blogged in SO long (although I know everybody else is probably relieved not to hear from me quite so often!) Just finished The Painted Drum by Louise Erdich — lovely!! Now onto The Marriage Pact by Eugenides … yippee!

  8. Thanks, SD – and I have to say, I loved my break, earned or not! It WAS scary falling off the horse — but at least it didn’t step on my head! I think I’ll retire my equestrian ambitions for awhile … like forever. Happy 2013!

  9. Wow, you really are a movie fan! I think it’s cool that you can go enjoy them yourself, I’m kinda like that as well but people think it’s a little bit strange. Happy to hear you gave yourself a nice break, you were certainly busy enough this past year!

    • FF — I am a HUGE movie fan .. I try to see all the movies I can and my favorite is foreign films, the more obscure the better! I probably love to go by myself so I never have to worry whether somebody is enjoying or hating the movie — and yes, I’m loving my break. Watching the inauguration and making marmalade today!!

  10. This news just made going back to work after a deliciously full vacation more comfortable. Coffee & Betty. Didn’t expect this, yay!!!! And yes on Alice Munro and Lincoln. Meh Miz.

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