Betty’s got a Brand New Blog!

My new logo by Liz Meitus ... isn't it pretty??

Okay, it’s finally official.

I’m going to be moving from What Gives 365 to Heifer 12 x 12 –where I’ll be traveling to 12 countries in 12 months of 2012 and writing about the projects of Heifer International that seek to end hunger and poverty & heal the earth. (But I’ll still keep this blog up in case you want to come back and visit…)

Here’s my dynamic, fabulous schedule for 2012:

January – Guatemala

February – Haiti

March – Peru

April – Nepal

May- Cameroon

June – Georgia (Russia, not “moonlight through the pines” Georgia, y’all)

July – Vietnam

August – Sierra Leone

September – Armenia

October – Appalachia, USA

November – Malawi

December – Ecuador


There will be photos galore, fascinating stories about things you never knew (pigs’ gestation for one), and I will be SO sad if you’re not along for the ride! So hop on over, click to subscribe, and it’ll be just like we’ve never been apart!!

xoxooxo B

24 thoughts on “Betty’s got a Brand New Blog!

  1. First, please know how much I appreciated your What Gives 365 blog and regretted finding it so late. Not because I wanted to pitch one of my non-profits, but because I missed out on learning about so much good work that people are doing to better their communities. That was an awesome project.

    I’m so happy to catch your new mission at the beginning of the year. Learn lots, do good, teach us to better serve. I’ll be following along. Aloha.

  2. I love, love, LOVE your logo. The paw, hoof, foot, claw prints are SO creative and I imagine captures the true spirit of your upcoming experience with Heifer International. What an education it will be to follow along with you…:)

  3. Betty, Happy New Year and Greetings from Nyaka and Kutamba. I passed the pictures you sent to our students and their grannies. They were so happy. Many of them have never owned anything… their own picture became a treasure. thank you for loving them and making their day/month/year.
    I will keep following you on your adventure. I know you will continue to change more lives than you will ever know.
    Blessings and Happy New Year again.
    The best is yet to come!

    • Dear Debby: Oh, how much do I LOVE that you’re quoting Aerosmith & Steve Tyler?? Okay, my little Rock Queen — you have to come with me on at least ONE of these trips!! It won’t be 2012 without YOU! xooxox B

  4. Fascinating project.

    I will be interested in what you write about from both Haiti and Vietnam. My partner is an international aid worker, and we spent a year in Haiti (2010-2011) and the year before that in Vietnam. I’ve blogged a good bit about both places.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the new blog——–


    • Kathryn — CONGRATS on getting featured on Lisa’s ( blog — and I totally look forward to going back to read your words about Haiti and Vietnam! I’ve been to Vietnam and loved it, so cannot wait to go back and really spend time with the people there … but Haiti is a place I’ve always longed to go … what a mystifying place!! Am reading up but will go back to your archives to get some real insight!! So happy to hear from you … and have you along!!

  5. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of Heifer International, but I can imagine the sort of concrete work it does.

    I’m 61 now and have supported Foster Parents Plan, now called Plan International since I was 25. I see great practicality in giving people a chance to purchase animals and set up businesses, so that they can pull themselves and their families out of the poverty cycle.

    I assume Heifer International does this sort of work. I look forward to your reports.

    BTW — do you need someone to carry your bags ? 😉

    • Sybil — I always get the feeling that you are a kindred traveling spirit, so by all means, come meet me somewhere cool along the way!! I can’t wait to tell you (and others) more about Heifer because it’s amazing how many people have never heard of this organization … but that’s the beauty of what I’d like to do this year! I am so impressed with your commitment to Foster Parents Plan, since I am in awe of the people who can do this — and there is SUCH a great need!! Happy to hear from you & either way, will be delighted by your company along the way!!

  6. Wow Betty! It’s wonderful! I am excited to read your reports about Heifer projects. In the future, I hope Heifer will also have project in Ethiopia and hope you will come to visit Ethiopia.

    • Kidist!! I was in Ethiopia (for hours) on my way back from Uganda, but if I get a chance to go through Addis Ababa again, I will definitely stop and spend some time with you and your beautiful project, Developing Families Together!!

    • Darling Rosie : As per Charles’s post today about serendipity, I totally have come to believe that all things work together in time and you always end up where you are supposed to be. This is my supreme dream — and I am so beyond thrilled to be taking off on this adventure, and bringing these incredible stories to the page!! Thanks for following my journey .. from the start we have had such a special bond!!!

  7. Fantastic! My mom introduced me to Heifer probably 25 years ago when she made a donation in my name for my birthday. It’s become a tradition to donate on birthdays and holidays, and I’ve passed the tradition on to her grandkids and greatgrandkids.

    I’m excited as can be to read about your experiences with the Project this coming year. Bless your heart for coming up with something this imaginative!

    • Dear Lynda — Wow!! I love the trans-generational nature of your connection with Heifer, and I think that’s SO powerful!! (Your mom was obviously totally awesome!!!) Just imagine the animals that were donated in your name … they are now into perhaps the 10th or 20th generation, and have given birth to countless progeny that have transformed the lives of the people who have them (and Passed along the Gift to others!! )
      I feel like one of my great privileges in this year is to write about the REAL end story of those gifts, like your mother’s, in the stories of the people who have been given a chance to lift themselves out of poverty and apply all their gifts and talents to achieving a better life for themselves and their children… I can’t WAIT to share these stories with you !!! Thanks, Lucy!!

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