2 thoughts on ““We won’t stop until we get food on the table for everyone in Mali.”

  1. Wow, Betty! I have some catching up to do!

    I LOVE this quote:
    “In Mali, we don’t need more telecommunications investments,” Niang states. “We need to be producing food for people to eat. There’s a whole generation of young entrepreneurs right here in Mali. But if you’re hungry, you can’t study at school, you can’t start a business, and you can’t have respect and dignity.”
    It’s true no matter where you are. It seems that even in America we push and push our kids but forget how important the basics in life are.

  2. Dearest Betty,

    You are the bell tower of a the global social entrepreneurial movements that are going on all over this world in which young people are developing ideas, services and products that will impact the many instead of the few.

    This blog is the gift that keeps giving. I know that one of my girls is a devoted follower of your way station of hope and gracious giving.

    Rock on!


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