Words fail me.

Beautiful poison

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Oil on the water

Sea turtles are nesting, and the babies will instinctively head into the ocean.

Welcome to hell

"Thin as a rail" came from the clapper rail - a marsh-nesting bird so thin and small, it can weave between grasses without moving them.Unless it's covered in oil. (Photo by Howard Eskin)

This is it.

The Gulf Coast ... remember this. Photo by Zerega.

Since April 20, the Deep Horizon oil rig has been pumping millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. It’s now starting to come ashore, threatening the fragile marshes, marine life & birds, who are, of course,  oblivious to the oncoming disaster. To listen to a great story on the Gulf from NPR, click here

To join me in donating to the Audubon Society, click here To donate to help the fishing community of the Gulf coast through Gulf Aid, click here. Then go have a nice long cry — or scream.

4 thoughts on “Words fail me.

  1. Thanks for those pictures, the oil on the water really is beautiful! What a unique way of looking at it, I really appreciate that. It is there and it is beautiful. And, interestingly, though we have facilitated its getting into the ocean, it is actually not pollution created by us, it is a natural substance flowing from within the earth itself. Suddenly, I have an entirely new perspective on the whole situation. Thanks so much.

  2. Betty – thanks at least for giving us something to do – other than cry or scream – which is the only other alternative.

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