Okay, how about if I throw in a few cute pigs?

Dearly Beloved What Gives 365 readers o’ mine:

What can I say to make you — I mean, invite you — to come on over to my new blog, Heifer 12 x 12?

We are having SO MUCH FUN over there–what with all the sows & cows & piglets & such — and I’m leaving for Guatemala on Sunday to write even more witty, pithy, poignant, groovy posts and it would totally bum me out if you weren’t along for the ride!

So, come on. I know change is hard, but just make the clicky leap, subscribe, and I’ll never speak of this again.

Yer friend,

(and yes, I am watching you)  Betty

11 thoughts on “Okay, how about if I throw in a few cute pigs?

  1. Wouldn’t miss this piggy ride for the world! Already on board.
    Love you and all you blog, Betty dear! See you in Guatemala I hope,
    Mucho amor, Bonnie

  2. Betty, I have switched. The allure of pigs always works.

    I am so glad you are doing this. I grew up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania where my family belonged to The Church of the Brethren. I remember, as a grade school age child attending church camp, learning about this new project that one of our church leaders, Dan West, had begun. It was called ‘The Heifer Project’. I have loved the idea of this since that time when we gathered around the campfire and prayed for the people in other countries who would have a better life because we put our pennies into the basket to help buy them a heifer. (My brother-in-law recalls volunteering for a Church of the Brethren volunteer service project and ‘attending’ a group of the ‘young ladies’ on their way to Greece ,via ship, sometime in the late 1940s or early 50s (not so pleasant a task!).

    I am so glad that you are highlighting this organization’s work and I envy you for being able to see the process up close. Meeting the people involved must be such a gift.
    So, thank you!

  3. Done it. Made the leap. This will be amazing and much more. Can’t wait to follow the new 12×12 project. Maybe you will see some of the animals I have bought through the years. Say hello for me!

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