Best beach photo will win $100!

Okay, so it’s August and I just got back from vacation. As much as I really, really want to write about deep, important stuff & people who are making the world a better place … I’ve got those slow, sweltering August blues and I’m not really back in the hopey-changey groove yet.

Then it occurred to me that maybe you could use a break from all the problems of the world, too –so I’m hereby instituting Shallow Friday. Today, whoever sends me the best photo of themselves on a beach will get $100 … but be forewarned, I’m going to post it on my blog tomorrow. You can include your kid, your pooch (both kinds) or whatever you’d like, but I am going to publish it, so be prepared for mass adulation, possibly global fame. (Please send your entry to

Tomorrow, it’s back to the trenches!


What Gives News Flash!

Maziky Bibi's new home!

On May 6, I posted a blog on Darcey Donovan who started PAKSBAB to build earthquake-resistant straw-bale houses for people in Pakistan. Darcey’s sister Stacey McGrath, jeweler-extraordinaire, held a house party here in Atlanta, donated all her jewelry, and raised a bunch of money for Darcey to build a house for Maziky Bibi, an impoverished Pakistani widow and grandmother. Thanks to Stacey & friends, the foundation has been built – and the straw bales are ready to go up. Sisterhood IS powerful!