People get ready, there’s a school bus a’ comin’…

This Monday August 9, most kids in Atlanta go back to school (I know, how unfair is that??!). So this Sunday August 8, the folks at Act Together Ministries, a child advocacy group in  North Atlanta, are throwing down Tools 4 School, an event that provides school supplies, haircuts, and medical and dental screenings for 200 disadvantaged kids. What a great idea – and just what you’d expect from this small & mighty non-denominational group of do-gooders!

Getting ready for Sunday's big event!

Founded by Heather & Brian Clark (both 2003 Oglethorpe University grads) Act Together Ministries is on a mission to improve the lives of children in distress, strengthen families, and inspire the next generation to serve. In less than one year in existence, it’s already activated 3,000 volunteers, facilitated holiday sponsorships for 100 kids, started a 3-month job mentoring program for out-of-work parents, and offered Birthday Packs of $25 in party supplies, $25 in gifts for parents to give to their children with dignity and joy.

All ready to go!

For this year’s Tools 4 School event, Act Together was flooded with registrations, yet somehow managed to able to double the number of folks who will be able to get their kids everything they need to start school on the right foot, thanks to all kinds of folks pitching in to help.

ACT-ing out their faith and learning to serve.

This is what I love about Atlanta – people who are called by their faith to serve, answer. They don’t just talk the pious talk, they get out there and walk the walk, dig the gardens, fill the food banks, and get their kids involved in serving, too. In fact, every month, there is an ACT service project for kids under 12, to teach little ones to care for the less fortunate.

In spring 2008, Heather had to quit her full-time job due to a chronic illness, but when she began to feel better, she didn’t take up tennis. She took up children in distress and has devoted her life to bringing joy, opportunity and helping hands into their lives. Oglethorpe University (where my husband is prez) has a motto: Make a life, make a living, make a difference. I can’t think of anybody who exemplifies this more than Heather & Brian.

Free books, too!

I’m giving my $100 today to support Tools 4 School, and I’ll be out there tomorrow at Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church in Alpharetta giving out backpacks, notebooks and pencils! To join me, click here!


And the winner is ….

Yesterday’s Beach Photo Contest was a big hit — and though there were LOTS of great entries (super cute babies, folks!!), the Winning Photo was by TARA. Its originality just utterly captivated me.

Beach bum.

Thanks for entering, folks!!